Sunday, September 28, 2008



6. I love Hot Cocoa with marshmallows.
5. I would rather sit and read a book about the birds of North America, than read the newspaper.
4. When I catch the rainbow through the spray of water coming from my garden hose, I smile.
3. Writing is NOT by best subject.
2. If I have a passion about a subject, then I can write about it.
1. I secretly love hats, even though I never wear any, save for the occasional baseball cap. Sis Crystal, Sis Pryor, Sis Philana Madison

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Jolene Mendoza said...

Alice, Thanks for playing along. I am right there with you on #'s 5, & 4. I do however, love Hot Cocoa with marshmallows but the cocoa gives me migraines. Sure hope that is served at the Marriage Supper then I can have all I want with no worries. :D
Aren't I silly?

Question, are you and Catherine planning on Ladies Conference in March of 09? Sure hope so. Would love to see you there. I have already made my reservations. If you do go, I hope that this year we get to spend some time together and really get to know one another.

Alice said...

Yes I think we are, but is it regional this year? ...we will be attending so cal Ladies conf. :( We both, do go to campmeeting every year though. Santa Maria!

Jolene Mendoza said...

Bummer, I will be going to Sacramento this year. Maybe we will meet then at Camp Meeting. That sure is a long way off.