Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hurricane Ike

An alligator is seen crossing a road in Sabine Pass, Texas, Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008, as the area recovers from the effects of Hurricane Ike.

A church reflection


Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

Beautiful pictures. It's amazing how they speak of peace, at least to me. :)
Love you.

Alice said...

Sis Catherine,
Yes I agree, There is more there in that reflection of the church, much more than words.

Eve said...

You have captured a lot in that picture. I know the feelings. I am a survivor of Katrina. I lost my home but all is now well.

Alice said...

Thank you Eve for your comment. I'm glad all is well. We did a lot of praying for those who were in the path of those Hurricanes.

Jolene Mendoza said...

Alice I have been tagged and therefore tagged you. See my blog for instructions. Have a great weekend.